A place where all the walls are pink, miniature ponies and cotton candy fill the lazy afternoons, and the spotlight is bright!

Inspired by Drag Queens I set out from the farm twenty five years ago to San Francisco to "run with the wolves". A few years later I headed off to the Big Apple with all of my dreams and a bra big enough to put them in!  It's been an amazing 21 year ride so far on the world-wide stages of Burlesque where I find myself hosting the top shelf shows with the top shelf stars. 

My on and off stage journeys have also brought me into the conversation of self confidence and esteem.  I am a leader, guide, teacher, and student in this conversation and look forward to including you all in it!

A self described female-female impersonator, I've held on to the roots of Drag.

Please feel free to explore this site on a regular basis and as my world constantly changes --so will it. If you're in Austin or visiting, log on to see where you can see me live. If you're really inspired, tell your friends to check out my site. For bookings please contact me via e-mail as I'm available for private parties, shows, and once I even did a barmitzvah! 
World Famous is a large job description and never a morning comes when I don't know what to do with my life. 
I believe in the grass roots approach to fame, so until we meet... I'm The World Famous *BOB*, one person at a time...