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14 Days After My Hysterectomy! *Showgirl's Guide*

  I can't BELIEVE two weeks ago I was in the waiting area for surgery losing my mind at this time (2pm).  I feel like I've been making great progress. Now please know if you're going to have a hysterectomy or already have that EVERY BODY HEALS DIFFERENTLY.  It can be dangerous to compare your recovery to someone elses and this is why the online community I found for information and support has been so valuable! It's called Hyster Sisters and here is the link (click on logo):

I found not only great support in the threads of women who were very generous in sharing but also videos of how to give yourself the BEST chance of healing well for every recovery period:

1-2 Weeks after surgery video (click snail):

Honestly you'll find everything you need for support there as well as great suggestions.  So some surprising things that happened to me after surgery were not being able to have a bowel movement (I'm going there) and a few hot flashes (keep in mind I still have my ovaries).  So this is what I did (you should always check with your doctor for what's best for you), I drank A LOT of water...and herbal tea unsweetened....and took Miralax and Colace stool softener EVERYDAY and after 3 days and still nothng I used a suppository and was fine right away.  Everything was back and working but the most imprtant thing is that I stopped the Miralax but continued the Colace for the entire time that I was on Percocet.  Opiates cause constipation.  I'm off of the opiates now and using 600mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours and feel fine.  I did use the Percocet as directed and was on it every 4 hours for the first few days and then every 6 hours after that for 10 days total.  I don't see any reason in "toughing it out". I was in pain so I took the medicine but I did notice the last couple of days I took it I could stretch it to every 8 hours.  This is how I knew that I was getting better. It really is the little things at first. My couple of hot flashes coud be related to a temporary disturbance in the performance of the ovaries due to the trauma of the surgery. I will ask my doctor on my first follow up this week. 

  My amazing community (friends and family) have been showing up for me in great ways.  I've had a friend come and make a gorgeous organic salad for all of us for dinner, wonderful catching up sessions have arrived on the phone from my West Coast family and in the mail in the forms of cards and gifts from all over! Whether it's fresh flowers being brought or just a text asking me how I'm doing I know that this love and care is speeding up my recovery. I suggest that you don't be afraid to ask for support and help.  I emailed my closest circle and let them know weeks in advance what was happening and let them know that I would love visitors and calls during my month of at home recovery.

(awesome salad from Lucky!)

(tulips from Kate <3)

  A challenge for me right now is I feel better so I will go to do something that is not sugggested at this stage in my recovery like pick up something over 10 pounds or bend all the way over to the floor to pick something up.  My poodle named Movie Star is 10 pounds now and it's SO hard to not pick her up - we bond on grooming sessions and walking and I can't do either with her right now. I asked two of my dear friends to come over and "walk me and the dog" and that was great! I got out and had the fun of watching her be walked with us.

(me and my daughter Movie Star)

  My Husbear has been my greatest source of strength. He has fed me, cleaned the house, hosted several of my visitors, brought me endless cups of tea, wiped my feet with wet wipes because I couldn't reach them in the shower, ran to the store for me a million times, took over the grooming of Movie Star, and most importantly made me laugh everyday. It's such a wonderful feeling of joy to know that I am married to the man of my dreams and we can carry each other through anything. I'll post next week and do hope that this has proved helpful. 

(me and my Awesome Husbear at Arcade Fire)

Slow and Steady Wins the Race,

World Famous *BOB* 

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