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A Showgirl's Guide to Having a Hysterectomy



    It's the day before my surgery and I already feel like I've been on a whirlwind journey! How I'm feeling right now is anxious, nervous, excited, scared (a little) and curious.  There was SO much I read about online that NO ONE spoke to me about!  I found one blog that felt like I had struck gold as far as humor mixed with helpful information from personal experience.  That is why I decided to blog my adventures.

    I decided to have a hysterectomy about a month ago after ending up in the ER with a burst ovarian cyst (while I am keeping my ovaries everything else is going).   I am 43 years old and have never been in the hospital as an adult.  My pain tolerance is high and severly tested EVERY month by my period since I was 10 years old when it started.  When my gyn presented options I took them all to heart but my mind kept wandering to surgery.  Imagine your foot being caught in a fox trap for 33 years and someone offers to cut off your foot.... I have used herbs, yoga, meditation, therapy (I do believe some of our bodies issues can be healed or at least supported by dealing with deeper issues), ultra sounds, a nutritionist.... the list goes on to manage my periods but very little of it made a difference.  There are whole chunks of time I miss where I am groaning in pain- lying in a hot tub - throwing up for hours - and even passing out.  For me this surgery will be my freedom.  Yes, I will still ovulate and have some mood swings (probably) but NO PERIODS EVER AGAIN! This is my time to take charge and offer my body the thanks it deserves for all it's been through and move on.

    I will post as possible and try to include pics.  Knowledge is power and if this blog helps one person as much as the following one helped me then it is 100% worth it! As I pack my hospital bag I made sure to put together a gift bag of treats for the nurses on my floor.  This is a sure way to express your gratitude in advance and let your nurses know you appreciate them.  My mother in law and her husband are nurses and they made this suggestion.  I put together a bag of cookies, gluten free macaroons, brownies, tamari almonds and wasabi peas with a quick note in advance.  My Husbear has instructions to give it to the nurses once I am moved to my room - not in OR.

     I also am packing a typed list of the doses of everything I take everyday - both medicine and vitamins and herbs, my health proxy (see link below for NY state free download), pre and post op surgery guided meditation on my I Pod shuffle, slippers, robe, pink terry turban (in case my hair is a mess), toiletries, my favorite hand cream, my eyeglasses, my I.D., insurance cards and a bag of gluten free and vegetarian snacks.  My Husbear will be in charge of this bag and giving the nurses my gift. If you are looking at having this operation please do a little research and prepare - there's a lot of little things that can help you heal faster. I'm going to go and finish packing....see you after surgery! 

Here's the BEST blog I found! : 


Treats for my nurses:

Learn about your health proxy here! (each state has their own)



Love and Courage,

World Famous *BOB*

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