, known for her over the top blonde bombshell image and incredible ability to mix martinis in her cleavage, has captivated audiences all over the world with her unique burlesque stylings, humorous performance art, and MC skills.  She has been photographed by hundreds of photographers including Patrick McMullan, Mario Testino, and David LaChapelle. *BOB* appears in several books including Hotel LaChapelle, New Burlesque, Striptease: From Gaslight to Spotlight, Burlesque: The new Bump and Grind, The Brooklynites, and The Velvet Hammer Burlesque.  Believing that television is “the theatre for the poor” *BOB* is a huge fan of the boob tube and has appeared on A&E’s The History of Cleavage as well as HBO’s Real Sex.  She has graced the pages of over 50 national & international publications including The New York Times where they referred to *BOB*’s art  as “poignant”.  The big screen suits *BOB* as well, her latest cameo being in John Cameron Mitchell’s film Shortbus.

Word Famous *BOB* is a regularly scheduled guest speaker at NYU and has performed and appeared at over 20 US Universities including Harvard, Yale, and Bard.  She is also a teacher at The New York School of Burlesque specializing in Drag Beauty Basics & Ultimate Self Confidence!  She has performed all over the world and starred in the last five Wigstock festivals.  From NYC’s Dance Theatre Workshop to Stockholm’s Sodra Teatern, World famous *BOB* has brought crowds together by pointing out what we all have in common- the need for love and creating that with her art in the moment. Her last solo show creation directed by Kate Valentine is entitled “One Man Show”- about a girl*who had to become a drag queen*to learn how to become a woman- *the true story of Miss World Famous *BOB*.  She is currently researching for her new show entitled "Granny Chaser" and has her own Confidence Coaching business with clients worldwide.